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28 pc. Screwdriver Set 18.5 in.

28 pc. Screwdriver Set 18.5 in.

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    Featuring a rugged alloyed steel build that' s been hardened for strength and machined to deliver traction that' s tough to match,images-new/ The e screw drivers are a tool essential. WheThe you' re working under The hood or sink,images-new/ at home or on The jobsite,images-new/ The r rugged butyrate handles give you a solid,images-new/ chemical resistant grip,images-new/ while The array of sizes ensure you' ve got The right tool for The job. And since this screwdriver set features both a 4 way pocket driver and an offset driver,images-new/ no matter where duty calls,images-new/ you' ll be ready.
    • What's Included: 8 Phillips screwdrivers,images-new/ 12 Slotted screwdrivers,images-new/ 6 Torx screwdrivers,images-new/ 1 offset screwdriver and 1 pocket keychain
    • 4.7 lbs. weight
    • Long handle screwdriver type
    • Butyrate handle material
    • Made of alloy steel

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